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My Love of Drinking Decor

Like any good Seattlite, I have immersed myself in our vibrant beer and wine culture. With more than 40 wineries located in Woodinville, even more in eastern Washington and our booming microbrew community, it’s hard not to. That said, drinking these wonderful concoctions is not the only part I love. I love the paraphernalia that comes along with it. My condo is a testament to that:

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Recork America

So sorry for the delay in posts.  I have been in San Francisco for a very long weekend vacation with the boyfriend.  But don’t you worry…I came back with tons of inspiration.  The first being sparked by my visit to the Ferry Building and its infamous market.   As I wandered up and down the hallway, wanting to buy almost everything in sight, I stumbled upon this interesting recycling bin.


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