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Creative Shelving Solutions

I’ve already told you about my love for Ikea. They have so many simple pieces that can be altered and used to create whatever you like. One of the most versatile pieces I’ve found is the Ikea Lack Shelf. I have two of these shelves in black (they come in almost every color from white to green to pink) and I’ve been trying to find a fun way to use them. Here are some of the adorable ideas I’ve found:

casa-sugarStacked Living Room Shelves/Extended Fireplace Mantel (CasaSugar)

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Same Table, New Look

I purchased this Ikea coffee table when I graduated from college and hasn’t failed me yet. I would go as far to say that is was the best $30 I ever spent (yes, $30 – I am a huge advocate of Ikea; you just need to be able to recognize to good pieces from the will-fall-apart-in-two-months pieces).


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