Log Bowl Obsession

Log bowls are the new rising star of home decor. You know it’s true because they’ve hit mainstream America and have popped up in Target stores. Loyal Loot Collective has heading up this new phenomenon with a variety of bowls in a variety of locations. The best part: they’re made from reclaimed wood (i.e already fallen or not cut down without reason). Check out some of the one’s I’ve found below:

Target Log Bowl

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Polka Dots: The on-going battle

I live with a man who is understanding (I’ll tell you now, that’s an understatement). However, he’s not understanding when it comes to polka dots. He lets me have plenty of ‘girly’ decor, but has to draw the line somewhere. So it is now my mission to sneak them in somewhere because I absolutely love the way they look. Here are my current ideas: 

Newport Dot Bedding from Williams-Sonoma Home

Newport Dot Bedding from Williams-Sonoma Home

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Why I Started This Blog

Hello everyone! This is an exciting step for me as I branch out into the digital world, bringing my writing and love of decorating with me. My theory is despite the fact we are all looking for ways to cut back on spending, we don’t need to give up on the things we love. We may need to alter our plans a little and find a new way to fulfill that want or goal, but by no means does that mean you need to give up.

I have been inspired by not only the growing online community that only continues to develop, but also by the availability of new and creative ideas that have bloomed from it. The thing is, it can take forever to sort through and find your favorites. So I’ll be compiling my favorites and hoping you enjoy them. Feel free to ask questions, send ideas and give me your feedback!

A lovely little porch full of DIY projects.

A lovely little porch full of DIY projects.