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My Love of Drinking Decor

Like any good Seattlite, I have immersed myself in our vibrant beer and wine culture. With more than 40 wineries located in Woodinville, even more in eastern Washington and our booming microbrew community, it’s hard not to. That said, drinking these wonderful concoctions is not the only part I love. I love the paraphernalia that comes along with it. My condo is a testament to that:

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Turning Junk Mail into Jazzy Art

I am in desperate need to art for my bedroom, but more so, I am in desperate need of affordable art for my room. That said, I don’t want just any random picture or poster. My room is in need of inspiration…something that people look at and go ‘wow.’ On my quest for this perfect picture, I stumbled across Schimmel Art. I find the concept behind Schimmel Art absolutely amazing: the artists turns advertisements (such as junk mail) into beautiful mosaics. She uses no technology, computers, dies, etc. to create the art. Everything is hand-done.

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Thirft Store Finds: Mismatch Plates

I absolutely LOVE Value Village.  It’s right up there with Ikea, but I do like it more because of it’s proximity to my house and the fact that you never know what you’re going to find.  I’m all about the thrill of the hunt.  My favorite section is the housewares section because it has everything from vases to baskets to weird old trophies (really no use unless you need a gag gift or want to paint it bright red as an “accent” piece) to blenders.  There’s also an endless supply of mismatch plates.  Some are cute, some are ugly, but I always thought there would be something fun you could do with them.  That’s why I was excited when I came across this post at CraftyNest.  Here’s what they did:

Mirror Plates

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Creative Shelving Solutions

I’ve already told you about my love for Ikea. They have so many simple pieces that can be altered and used to create whatever you like. One of the most versatile pieces I’ve found is the Ikea Lack Shelf. I have two of these shelves in black (they come in almost every color from white to green to pink) and I’ve been trying to find a fun way to use them. Here are some of the adorable ideas I’ve found:

casa-sugarStacked Living Room Shelves/Extended Fireplace Mantel (CasaSugar)

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Log Bowl Obsession

Log bowls are the new rising star of home decor. You know it’s true because they’ve hit mainstream America and have popped up in Target stores. Loyal Loot Collective has heading up this new phenomenon with a variety of bowls in a variety of locations. The best part: they’re made from reclaimed wood (i.e already fallen or not cut down without reason). Check out some of the one’s I’ve found below:

Target Log Bowl

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Polka Dots: The on-going battle

I live with a man who is understanding (I’ll tell you now, that’s an understatement). However, he’s not understanding when it comes to polka dots. He lets me have plenty of ‘girly’ decor, but has to draw the line somewhere. So it is now my mission to sneak them in somewhere because I absolutely love the way they look. Here are my current ideas: 

Newport Dot Bedding from Williams-Sonoma Home

Newport Dot Bedding from Williams-Sonoma Home

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