My Love of Drinking Decor

Like any good Seattlite, I have immersed myself in our vibrant beer and wine culture. With more than 40 wineries located in Woodinville, even more in eastern Washington and our booming microbrew community, it’s hard not to. That said, drinking these wonderful concoctions is not the only part I love. I love the paraphernalia that comes along with it. My condo is a testament to that:

Redhook Brewery Blonde Ale PosterRedhook Brewery Blonde Ale Poster

(adorns our living room, along with three others from Redhook Brewery)

Washington Wine Country PosterVintage Washington Wine Country Poster

(currently resides in my dining room next to the hanging wine rack)

KegeratorAnd the infamous kegerator (which I did build myself!) and a collection of coasters from various bars and breweries around the city. Don’t worry…this hangs out in our second bedroom.

These posters (and the kegerator…sort of) are a simple and affordable way to decorate, especially if they are classics like these. I’m not suggesting you hang Miller Light posters all over the place, but look for fun, creative posters that compliment your current color scheme. Sometimes you can buy these posters directly from a winery/brewery; sometimes you have to be creative. I emailed the Marketing Director at Redhook for my limited edition posters and it was worth it. Let me know if you find anything fun and I’d be happy to share it here.


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