Turning Junk Mail into Jazzy Art

I am in desperate need to art for my bedroom, but more so, I am in desperate need of affordable art for my room. That said, I don’t want just any random picture or poster. My room is in need of inspiration…something that people look at and go ‘wow.’ On my quest for this perfect picture, I stumbled across Schimmel Art. I find the concept behind Schimmel Art absolutely amazing: the artists turns advertisements (such as junk mail) into beautiful mosaics. She uses no technology, computers, dies, etc. to create the art. Everything is hand-done.

Aviator – Original

I know what you’re thinking. “Original art cannot be affordable.” And in this case, you are right. Thankfully, the artist also offers prints of some of her original work. To my dismay, the Aviator photo above (which is by far my favorite) is not available in a print. However, below you will find some pretty cool ones that are:

Ave Maria, Linda! 16x20"Ave Maria, Linda! – Giclee Canvas Print 16×20″

Communication - Black & White Print 20x16"

There are framed prints from $30 and up. Giclees from $75 and up. Originals from under $200 – $5,000. It looks like you’ll have to contact the artist for exact pricing. I’m going to do so, and I’ll let you know what I find!


2 responses to “Turning Junk Mail into Jazzy Art

  1. These are fabulous. Each week as I take out the trash and recycling I keep thinking of a way to utilize junk mail, catalogs, and plastic items in jewelry or art somehow. Maybe my idea will come in time.

    • Seattle City Girl

      I’m glad you like them! I have seen quite a few creative ways to recycle household goods, including junk mail, so I’ll try to post more to help get your creative juices flowing. Thanks for reading!

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