Recork America

So sorry for the delay in posts.  I have been in San Francisco for a very long weekend vacation with the boyfriend.  But don’t you worry…I came back with tons of inspiration.  The first being sparked by my visit to the Ferry Building and its infamous market.   As I wandered up and down the hallway, wanting to buy almost everything in sight, I stumbled upon this interesting recycling bin.


It stopped me in my tracks because I have been collecting corks since I started drinking wine about two years ago now (my boyfriend jokes that it shows off my drinking habit a little too well) in hopes of making an actual “cork board.”  The little celpto in me really wanted to run over, open my purse and dump all the corks in, but I was reminded “what’s a cork board made out of other people’s corks?”  Good point.  Either way, turns out it’s a collection box for ReCork America, an organization dedicated to educating folks about the importance of using real cork for wine bottles and to collect the used corks for recycling.

For those of you who don’t know (I sure didn’t), cork is a natural and biodegradable resource that doesn’t actually cut down any trees to produce.  The cork oak tree sheds the outer layers of its bark, which is then used to make wine corks, leaving the entire alive and forests intact.   There’s actually over 6 million acres of forested areas are dedicated to the cork trade, but it’s under threat from development since more and more wine makers are switching to synthetic plastic corks.  That’s why Recork America is encouraging you to buy wine with real wine corks (much more authentic in my opinion) and save ’em or recycle them.  These collection boxes turn real wine corks into recycled products like flooring tiles, building insulation, craft materials and sports equipment. Visit their website at for more information or participating locations.

If you decide to go the saving route, try out one of these fun projects (note: some projects only use one cork, some use 200, so plan accordingly):

Wine Cork Placeholder

Cork placeholders: these would be adorable at a wedding or dinner party with friends.  Just cut a slit down the middle and slip in the card.  You can also stand them vertically to minimize rollaways.

Cork Board

Cork Board (literally):  a cork board kit can be purchased at WineVine Imports for about $50, or if you’re good with wood, make one yourself! Hint: sand corks down on one side for a perfect fit!

Cork Trivet

Cork Trivet: good for those who don’t want to wait TOO long.  Find one at for $16.

Now all you have to do is pick out your favorite wine and have some fun! Good luck 🙂


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