Same Table, New Look

I purchased this Ikea coffee table when I graduated from college and hasn’t failed me yet. I would go as far to say that is was the best $30 I ever spent (yes, $30 – I am a huge advocate of Ikea; you just need to be able to recognize to good pieces from the will-fall-apart-in-two-months pieces).


Unfortunately though, after the third move, it’s acquired some decent size scratches and dents (I was seriously upset when I noticed it; just one of those days and one of those things). I contemplated getting a new table, but today, I came across the perfect solution at Ikea Hacker:

Fabric Covered LACK Table

This table is so adorable. It’s the same Ikea LACK line as my coffee table, but the top has been covered in fabric. To achieve this look, clean and sand the tabletops. Next, apply the fabric to the table using clear acrylic artist’s medium, then apply a few more coats on top for a hard, easier to clean finish. Once the glue has dried, flip the table over and cut the fabric exactly straight on the edge of the table. To finish, apply a little more acrylic medium to seal the edges to avoid fraying. Once I try this myself, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!


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